Making a Will, Tax Planning & Inheritance Tax

Thinking of making a Will?

Without a will, and with no traceable surviving relatives, your whole estate could pass into the hands of the government. Whilst few people enjoy making a Will, it is therefore essential to do so to ensure that your assets, property and finances go to your family and loved ones when you die.

What is inheritance tax and why do I need inheritance tax advice?

Inheritance Tax was once described as a voluntary tax. To some extent that is true. It is also very easy to volunteer to the revenue significant amounts of the tax unnecessarily.

We always try to fully investigate clients’ circumstances in order to find a solution that matches their particular situation. Some clients are property rich and may currently be in an illiquid position. They will present different problems to those who may have recently inherited or are in a more liquid position. In both cases we are able to suggest different solutions. Whichever situation clients are in they will always find helpful, constructive and practical advice to find a solution to the Inheritance Tax conundrum.

We work closely with Humphries Kirk Solicitors to provide an integrated service in this complex area and can introduce clients to the appropriate solicitor if required.